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Realitná kancelária s kultúrou tímovej spolupráce vie poskytnúť klientovi presnejšie informácie o trhu, lepšie nápady a kvalitnejšiu starostlivosť.
A real estate agency with a culture of teamwork can provide clients with more accurate market information, better ideas and better care.
Expectations of real estate clients are currently changing faster as ever before. Having just high-quality databases to generate demand and an agent on your phone is no longer enough today. Clients expect quality and objective market data, more flexible responses and full service. This can be provided by a real estate agency with a culture of teamwork. If the client has a team of specialists ...
Po bombastickom náleze pokračujú výkopové práce
After the Bombastic Finding, Excavation Works Continue
The Developer of the Metropolis Project Was Ready for a Possible Finding After the Tuesday's finding of unexploded ammunition by permanent pyrotechnic supervision at the Metropolis construction site, excavation works continue. Bratislava's downtown has once again become a bit safer. While the report on the finding of unexploded ammunition at the construction site at Mlynské nivy sur...
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Downtown Bratislavy bude vďaka Metropolisu bezpečnejší
Bratislava city centre will be safer thanks to Metropolis
The developer was ready for such finds Early this morning, a pyrotechnic survey carried out as part of preliminary excavation and construction work for the lower part of the Metropolis project detected an unexploded bomb on the construction site. Based on a meeting of the emergency task force and the recommendations of the pyrotechnic expert, the bomb was removed from the place where it was fou...
Filip Žoldák: Trh s bytmi hľadá strop
Filip Žoldák: The housing market is searching for its financial limit
We are talking with Filip Žoldák, from the real estate agency HERRYS, about the current situation on the real estate market, apartment prices and further developments. What is the situation on the real estate market after the second wave of the pandemic, the corona crisis marked the sale of real estate? Definitely yes, more are sold and apartments have become more expensive. Since the begi...

New builds

METROPOLIS pokračuje vo výstavbe realizáciou spodnej stavby
METROPOLIS continues to build the substructure
Preparatory work and coordination of excavations are currently being carried out. Excavation work will take place until September 2021, when they will reach a depth of approximately 7 meters below ground level. The implementation of the base plate is planned for the end of October. These works are carried out by the experienced construction company Metrostav Slovakia a.s. "Healthy and ...
Rezidenčný projekt Byty Bystrická 2. je čerstvo právoplatne skolaudovaný a teší sa na nových majiteľov
The Byty Bystrická 2. residential project has just been validly approved and is looking forward to new owners
The summer on Bystrická Street in Devínská Nová Ves will be carried in the spirit of a big move. At the beginning of this week, the approval decision of the Byty Bystrická 2 residential project came into force, thus successfully completing the construction of the residential developer's building - Byty Opletalova, s.r.o .. The project was assigned an inventory number. The BYTY BYST...
Developer Mint Investments vybral pre financovanie výstavby projektu Metropolis strategického partnera Tatra banku
Mint Investments development company selects Tatra banka as its strategic and trustworthy partner to finance the construction of the Metropolis residential project
At the start of May, the Mint Investments development company initiated the preliminary work for the construction of the attractive residential project Metropolis in the new downtown of Bratislava. The company chose Tatra banka to finance the project based on Tatra banka’s long-term experience in financing commercial projects and high-level professionalism. Tatra banka provided a loan of ...
Developer rezidenčného projektu METROPOLIS zahájil prípravné práce k výstavbe projektu
METROPOLIS residential project developer has commenced preparatory works on construction
Almost 40% of the project’s residential units are already sold. The Metropolis project, being built by Mint Investments right in the heart of the new downtown, has reached a significant milestone today. On the corner plot, at the Bottova – Chalupkova crossroads, the company has begun preparatory activities and the project has entered its realisation phase. Despite the current situation...
Ceny nových i starých bytov stále rastú, trh nájmov prekonal očakávania
Prices of new and old flats are still rising, the rental market exceeded expectations
Comparison of Q1 / 2020 and Q1 / 2021 At the beginning of the year, there was a shortage of older flats on the largest Slovak real estate market. That is why their prices have grown faster and they are catching up with the prices of new flats. The new construction market again recorded its new highs. In the case of leases, in the first three months of this year, the number of concluded leases i...
Marketing HERRYS od apríla 2021 posilnila Diana Garbierová
HERRYS marketing has been strengthened by Diana Garbier since April 2021
From April 2021, Diana Garbierová joined marketing department of the HERRYS real estate agency and made it stronger with her valuable experiences. In her position of Strategic Communication Specialist, she will prepare the strategy and plans for external communication of HERRYS and its projects according to current topics and new trends in the real estate market. ...
Správna nájomná zmluva ochráni majiteľa aj nájomcu
A proper lease will protect both the landlord and the tenant
The real estate market offers a number of vacant properties, into which their owners trying to find a reliable and responsible tenant. The lanlordss should perform their duties regularly. Tenants, on the other hand, expect to be able to use the rented property as freely as possible, and in case of the unpredictable events, the landlord will communicate with them adequately. In order...
Ceny bytov naďalej porastú, prenájmy čaká mierne oživenie
Apartment prices continue to rise, rents are waiting for a slight recovery
Despite the unfavorable economic consequences of the current crisis, last year sale prices of flats and houses in the capital and its surroundings recorded double-digit growth. Although the number of concluded contracts increased in terms of leases, prices fell slightly. This follows from the data of the real estate agency HERRYS, which is the largest real estate agency in Bratislava with mor...
Nový Ružinov – pre snívanie v zelenom.
Nový Ružinov - for dreaming in the green.
The project of green living in cozy city villas with front gardens, in the modern city district of Nový Ružinov with excellent infrastructure, is a promise of life with a feeling of freedom and relaxation. It is located outside the busy city zone and at the same time it provides good connections with the city. It will be your pleasant refuge after a hard day's work and at the same time creat...
METROPOLIS je MIESTO plné inšpirácií. Tu budete nielen bývať, ale aj naplno žiť!
METROPOLIS is a PLACE full of inspiration Here, you will not just reside, but live life to the full.
If the city rhythm is for you and living in a modern city centre is your dream, then here are five reasons why Metropolis is where you belong. 5 reasons inspiring you to take up life in Metropolis. 1.    A place for active life – ideal for people who wish to walk or ride a bike to get to their points of destination and who like to lead an active life. In addition ...
Bratislava má odvahu prijať unikátnu architektúru
Bratislava has the courage to adopt a unique architecture
The capital is to soon acquire a new landmark. The Metropolis project, currently taking shape within the new downtown not far from the Bratislava bus station, will attract attention through its originality and use of the state-of-the-art elements. The design of residential modern buildings has been prepared by the leading Czech architectural firm City Work Architects. In creating this unique proje...
Najlepšou realitnou kanceláriou je HERRYS
The best real estate agency is HERRYS
During the 16th year of the CIJ Awards Slovakia, the HERRYS real estate agency again won the award in the category of the Best Local Real Estate Agency for 2020 - Best Local Real Estate Agency. The largest real estate agency in Bratislava thus defended its position a year ago. The Best Local Real Estate Agency award was won by the real estate agency HERRYS not only in the last two years, but also ...
Projekt METROPOLIS v lokalite Mlynské nivy – nový downtown spúšťa predaj
METROPOLIS project located in Mlynské nivy – the new downtown – launches sales
The distinctive M-shaped residential building officially starts today the sale of apartments and suites offering high-standard urban housing. The project will bring in total 298 units to market. Tower A of the Metropolis residential project, in which sales are to begin first, is currently offering 147 residential properties on 16 floors. The anticipated project of one of the leading real estate in...
METROPOLIS sa stane ikonickou stavbou, na ktorú budú jej obyvatelia pyšní
METROPOLIS is going to be an iconic building, bringing pride to its inhabitants
The space between the Danube and the former bus station has undergone a fundamental change in recent years. Industrial halls and warehouses have disappeared and a new modern centre, known as Bratislava’s downtown, is being built. Among the latest projects to complement the existing area is the project Metropolis. It revealed its shape in the autumn of last year and to the capital’s sky...
Nových bytov je v Bratislave stále málo, tento rok zmenu neprinesie
There are still few new flats in Bratislava, this year will not bring change
The Bratislava market with new buildings is the largest market for developers. However, in the capital, as well as in the whole of Slovakia, there has been a significant shortage of new flats for several years. The pandemic over the past year has not reduced interest in buying new real estate. On the anothher hand, good credit conditions last year supported the interest in real estate, not only fo...
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HERRYS - Na prenájom priestranný 2 izbový byt s lodžiou a pivnicou v centre mesta
1-bedroom apartme... | 80 m2
600 € /month
HERRYS - For rent 2 bedroom apartment in NUPPU on Mlynske Nivy street in Ruzinov with parking
1-bedroom apartme... | 56 m2
520 € /month
HERRYS - For rent a pleasant fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment with a balcony in the attractive Residence BLUMENTAL
1-bedroom apartme... | 54 m2
550 € /month
HERRYS, For rent 2 room flat in Old Town
1-bedroom apartme... | 51 m2
450 € /month
HERRYS - Office space for rent on the Danube embankment in Au Café
Offices | 122 m2
11,50 € /m2/month
For rent - 2 room fully furnished apartment in TatraCity in Petržalka on 5th floor with large balcony
1-bedroom apartme... | 62,72 m2
600 € /month
HERRYS - for rent a design furnished 2 bedroom apartment in Skypark
1-bedroom apartme... | 46 m2
850 € /month
HERRYS - for rent a design furnished 2 bedroom apartment in Skypark
1-bedroom apartme... | 46 m2
850 € /month
HERRYS - 2 room apartment with a panoramatic view
1-bedroom apartme... | 60,10 m2
480 € /month
HERRYS - Brand new cozy 2 bedroom apartment in new building STEIN 2
1-bedroom apartme... | 48,26 m2
550 € /month
HERRYS – For rent spacious 3 bedrooms close to OC Retro, with internet included
3-bedroom apartme... | 91 m2
810 € /month
HERRYS - For rent 2 rooms apartment in new building Apollis next to Apollo Business Center, including internet and TV
1-bedroom apartme... | 40,54 m2
450 € /month
HERRYS - For rent modern 2 room flat, 55 m2 in new building Perla Ruzinova, with TV and internet included
1-bedroom apartme... | 55 m2
620 € /month
HERRYS - For rent 2 room apartment in project III Towers close to shopping mall Vivo and lake Kuchajda
1-bedroom apartme... | 61,32 m2
550 € /month
HERRYS - For sale spacious 2 bedroom apartment in a new building MAMA PAPA with a garage
1-bedroom apartme... | 60,22 m2
198 900 €
HERRYS - For sale spacious, sunny 1 bedroom apartment near BORY MALL
Studio | 37,80 m2
128 900 €