HERRYS real estate agent’s Code of Ethics

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If you decide to sell, buy or rent a property, you need the certainty that your agent will provide you with a professional service under a guarantee of honesty and current market information, which will make your decision easier. You can rely on every HERRYS real estate agent to follow the following principles:

  1. The agent will act honourably and professionally under all circumstances. 
  2. Every agent will strive to ensure maximum transparency of the ongoing transaction. The agent will willingly and competently advise the client on the issues of a suitable procedure during the preparation and execution of the transaction, and during the selection of a suitable buyer, seller, lessor or lessee. At the same time, the agent is required to provide all the necessary information for the client to make the right decision.
  3. The agent will inform the client about the progress of the transaction, and comply with deadlines and arrangements.
  4. The agent will perform their services with due, professional and individual care, in accordance with good morals, legislation and business ethics.
  5. The agent will provide true and comprehensive information currently available to the agent. The agent will include a property in the offer only with the written consent of its owner.
  6. The agent will maintain absolute discretion towards direct clients and third parties involved in the business transaction. The agent will not provide any personal, confidential or normally unavailable information even after the cooperation has been concluded.
  7. The real estate agent will provide the client with the necessary cooperation also following the transfer of ownership, during the handover and acceptance of a property, in the process of registering owners with individual utility providers (i.e. water, gas, electricity) and with the property manager.
  8. If necessary, the real estate agent will cooperate with other real estate agents. In case of such cooperation, the real estate agent will not intentionally harm other real estate agents, the agent will respect the principles of good cooperation, courtesy and collegiality.
  9. The agent will treat all clients equally and without difference.
  10. During the performance of their profession, the agent will always act as a cultured representative of the real estate agency HERRYS. The agent will follow the established standards and binding regulations, such as this Code of Ethics.
  11. The agent will seek to spread the good name of the HERRYS real estate agency, as well as to increase the prestige of the profession of a real estate agent and of the real estate business.
  12. The real estate agent will continue self-improvement and learn in all areas of real estate activities, and follow the latest trends and market developments.

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