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The market for new apartments is affected by multiple factors.

It develops dynamically and quickly, with frequent changes. We monitor trends in the new builds market on a quarterly basis.

Our quarterly report will keep you up-to-date on how many apartments have come on the market, are on the market, their location, the current price of new apartments not yet sold, and our forecast for the coming period.

We can also prepare for you a
tailor-made marketing assessment,
containing recommendations for:

  • target group identification
  • assessment of current and future competition
  • assessment of the proposed solution in terms of architecture and economy
  • preparation of a proposal for the optimal product in terms of price and speed of sale
  • recommendation for technological and material standard
  • solution of client changes
  • financing for future buyers
  • setting of the structure and content of legal documents
Current report for download
Prieskum realitného trhu
Prieskum realitného trhu
Prieskum realitného trhu
Prieskum realitného trhu
We actively cooperate with developers from the moment of acquiring land for development.

If you are preparing a project and are interested in trends affecting demand, please contact us.

Our recommendations are based on a combination of market research and our experience from real estate sales and marketing.

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